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Circular Economy and Sustainable Fashion

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Explore the interactive image and learn about circular economy

Baltic Sea project

Technology, Science and Art integrated


COVID-19 and Society

Science and Community integrated


Technology and art has the ability to teach us more than facts and figures; it can promote empathy, foster deeper understanding, and promote awareness. We at Meini are working to build educational networks to link pedagogy on a global scale.  We believe that what really matters when it comes to educating for a sustainable future is promoting a culture of sharing which allows great ideas to expand their reach.  

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Rachel S-Kangas

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Usha Mohanraj

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Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay 

upcoming project

New beginnings- Reducing in-Equalities around the world

We are working on our new and exciting project about reducing in-equalities around the globe using art and digital tools. Stay tuned!

Usha Mohanraj

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