At Meini, we realize that educators are being asked to embark into the uncharted waters of digital technologies and we want them to know that they are not alone and what really matters in education can only be taught by people. Our aim is to help educators integrate these new technologies in a way that encourages learners to be enabled and not restricted by what technology can do. Together we can move forward from using technology to teach into environments were technology assists us with learning and creativity. Working together locally, regionally, and internationally, we can create a new educational reality.  

New educational tools allow access to education for everyone and almost anywhere.  With the right educators behind the technology, we at Meini believe that new tools can take education around the world to the next level.  For example, a place in which learning can bridge the gap between the digital and physical worlds. Where learning can be individualized and educational materials meet the relevant needs of the learners.   


We believe that the power of education lies in the hands of educators, citizens, and progressive institutions. Technology has the ability to teach us more than facts and figures; it can promote empathy, foster deeper understanding, and promote awareness. By building educational networks to link pedagogy on a global scale, we believe that what really matters when it comes to educating for the future, are the individuals at stake. Promoting a culture of sharing allows great ideas to expand their reach to those most in need.