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Circular Economy & Sustainable Fashion

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

With rapid increase in waste and overflowing landfills, its critical to think about how we humans produce and consume things. Currently majority of the products we make in the market is just thrown away after consumption, littering our planet. But we can do things differently with Circular economy, which is inspired by nature, is all about how everything we produce can be used for something and nothing goes to waste. The current lesson plan is designed to teach kids all about circular economy using clothing and fashion as an example.

Explore our lesson example with this interactive image


  • This project seeks to address UN Sustainability Goal 12: Responsible consumption and production by helping students critically evaluate how with the circular economy approach, fashion industry could be more sustainable.

  • The unit integrates the art-making technique mixed media collage with the digital tool ThingLink to create an interactive and informative image.

  • Students research the current practices in fashion industry and how some companies are working on unique ways to make clothing more sustainable. They further evaluate what they themselves can do with their clothes using sustainable practices, sourcing information from a variety of media for example; online news outlets, videos, social media, television, radio, magazines/new papers.



Thinglink-  Read more about using Thinglink in education-


Mixed Media Art- In visual art, mixed media is an artwork in which more than one medium or material has been employed.


1) Video interview with 11 year old Minna, who talks about her love for fashion and recycling.

2) Podcast- Interview with Essi Karell on "Role of Design for Circular Economy in Fashion"

3) Video about online shopping experience with for second hand cloths by Usha.

NOTE: All the above mentioned resources (1-4) are property of Meini Oy. If you intend to use these resources or publish them, please acknowledge us in the following way- "Created by Meini Oy-"

5) Links to companies and blogs in the ThingLink interactive image-

"Future of Fashion: Production - sustainable, high-tech and on-demand"-

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